Tamera Pierce

Servant Leader

My name is Tamera Pierce, and as founder of R.U.T.H., recoverunderthehealer, I wish to share with you a bit of my story and my genuine passion for helping other women escape the feeling of hopelessness I experienced in my own life. You see, more than thirty years ago, I left my beautiful children in Michigan, to return to my birthplace, Macon, Georgia, in hopes of “finding myself.” Ten years passed, but “finding myself” had not turned out the way I envisioned. At that time, I was introduced to a 12-step recovery program and for the first time felt the love of God and the hope that I too, could recover from the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction. Through God’s amazing grace and receiving a new way of life in recovery, I have been given the precious gift of building relationships with each of my eleven grandchildren. Miracles do happen. As these past twenty-plus years in recovery have unfolded, my desire for sharing with other women the tremendous gift of sobriety and finding a relationship with God has grown stronger and deeper. It is my dream, hope and prayer that R.U.T.H. will serve women in finding the way out of the bondage of addiction and into the life each one is called to live!

Jessica Hale

Servant Leader

I have been clean and sober since February 17, 2007. Throughout my recovery, I have cultivated a deep devotion to helping women heal and rebuild their lives in recovery. I hit a low bottom at a young age in my addiction at the age of 20. After burning all my bridges and being stranded in Macon, God intervened. My recovery story began in a treatment center, then I transitioned from there into a women’s residential recovery home. I am forever grateful for time and work I spent getting sober at that women’s recovery home. As a result of the foundation in recovery that was built while I was there, I am married have two children, Wilder (my son) and Eliza (my daughter). My family has started a farm and we are enjoying teaching our children about living on the land and hard work. My life today is living proof of the gifts of recovery. By sharing my experience, strength, and hope, I have devoted my life to living out my gratitude by helping other women find their path in recovery. FREEDOM truly is on the other side!

Sherry Trotter

Addiction Counselor

Sherry Trotter (aka Ms Sherry), graduated from Macon State College with an associate degree in Nursing. She began her nursing career in med-surg as a floor nurse, but later took a job at a crisis stabilization facility. She knew immediately this was going to be her career path. Shortly thereafter, she began specialized training in the area of substance abuse disorder and treatment. Even though she retired, she continues in the field by helping out wherever she is needed.